Date: Feb 12th 2013

This Code of Ethics has been developed to delineate Sensiom's commitment to its legal and ethical behaviour. This code embodies an underlying belief that every member of the Sensiom community has a right to dignity and respect. The Sensiom code intends to be educational, factual and convey to all stakeholders the ethical principles and guidelines of conduct expected. The purpose of the Sensiom code is to clearly outline responsibilities, expectations and standard practices, including guiding principles for appropriate organizational behaviour.


The Code of Ethics applies to the employer, all employees, students, contractors, volunteers and partners. Sensiom is committed to maintaining a positive, healthy and respectful environment for all persons directly and indirectly involved in our enterprise. The code provides general principles which are to be used to determine action consistent with ethical standards and values. The Sensiom code is a set of core values relevant to all aspects of the Sensiom mission, especially those of providing the highest quality educational service possible. The Sensiom code is an explicit statement of the expectation that each and every individual or group has a right to dignity and respect. The Sensiom code provides guidance and assistance in determining conduct and behaviour. The Sensiom code is a principle to be taken in the spirit of the code. It is not a substitute for the active process of ethical decision-making and not to be taken verbatim in limiting the ethical actions of any party.


All participants can expect to be treated with consideration and respect in a fair and just manner. The rights and opinions of all groups and individuals should be respected.


Acceptance and encouragement of diversity is expected. The diversity of a global organization relies on acceptance of the variety of cultures, ethnicities, religions, races, sexual orientations and political views. Sensiom wishes to provide a work and study environment free from discrimination and harassment and promote a positive regard for the diversity of background, experiences and opinions of all.


Communication is the very heart of our community. We support active and emotive debate; that debate should support an environment characterized by respect and civility. There is no tolerance for activities not consistent with this policy.


Assertive behaviour can exist in exclusion of aggressive behaviour. Physical, verbal or emotional attacks are not acceptable. Sensiom is committed to the peaceful resolution of conflict and differences. We accept that conflict can evolve spontaneously and instantly; however, any such action must be reported immediately for an arbitrational resolve. Sensiom will not provide any ruling on behaviour. The goal is to provide support and restitution to the Policy.


A culture of openness is encouraged. The goal is to ensure that matters connected with the operation of Sensiom can be discussed openly and frankly. Appropriate openness in communication and action is expected.


In compliance with the code and standards of professional ethics all employees provide services within the boundaries of their competencies and to the best of their abilities. No employee will expect payment for services rendered beyond those of the company remittance.


Fiduciary duties, including those relating to members, are implicit in all aspects.


This policy is not intended to be inclusive for every situation; it provides a basis for the actions in association with all activities within Sensiom. In all cases where a simple or direct application of the Sensiom code is not possible, the intent shall always be considered. If there are questions or uncertainties regarding interpretation, all persons are encouraged to seek assistance.