Contact and Spam Policy


Sensiom has a no tolerance spam policy. Sensiom does not monitor for large import lists or emails going to a large number of subscribers. Sensiom does not use bulk email programs and only contacts subscribers for administrative purposes. Any customer found to be using Sensiom to transmit or otherwise disseminate information not in compliance with our policy will be immediately removed from our services. If you know of or suspect any violators, please notify us immediately. Contact Us

Any email not sent in direct response to a request contains an unsubscribe link. Any individuals who forward a Sensiom email and remove this link will be subject to suspension of the customer's account.


Spam is unsolicited email. By sending email only to those who have requested to receive it, Sensiom is following accepted permission-based email guidelines.


The receipt of your email constitutes a purchase, requested information or response to a questionnaire or a survey and owner of the email address has consented to such collection and use. This is informed consent.

Spam laws

Anti-spam laws went into effect in most countries in the early 2000s. While laws will not stop spam, they do make most spam illegal and ultimately less attractive to spammers. The laws are specific about requirements to send commercial email and empower certain punishments. In addition, if you send or receive mail via mail servers we do not consider this an implied consent to mail. Our contact policy can be found at the bottom of each webpage.

Sensiom sends all our new subscribers an email confirming their interest in receiving emails from us. Additionally, if you change your interests or unsubscribe, Sensiom automatically sends an email confirmation.