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We provide training as a core component of educating, but we look to change the process in ways that improve the results for everyone. We need to look at the systemic restraints, limitations, and barriers and strive to create a better system. Where no process exists, we must work to develop one. Where barriers exist, we must work to remove them. We think of education as a process of the human mind and our goal is to open that collective conscious of unbounded opportunity. It is not enough to simply build on existing frameworks; we must challenge ourselves to achieve our potential at every turn.


It is Sensiom's mission to deliver educational tools, educational methods and educational models targeted to improving the performance, value and reward for students, professionals, educators and training facilities globally.


It is our vision that all educators and learners have open access to information, freedom of speech and expression. This must include the availability of achievable qualifications.

The Sensiom vision foresees educators in a prominent role of authority and respect, with the autonomous freedoms of education providing candid unrestricted communication. We educate today for an unknowable world of tomorrow. Only by eliminating fettered prejudices and artificial barriers can we freely chart tomorrow and learn from today. We see a world where education leads to tolerance and freedom.

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The Canadian Association of Professional Educators (CAPE)

CAPE is dedicated to providing networking and professional development tools. A professional organisation facilitates career enhancement, and provides status and a forum to showcase your skills, experience, and talents. We provide access to experts and insight on the latest developments.

Mission Statement

CAPE is a professional organisation of Canadian educators. Its mission is to raise the profile of educators and to promote opportunities for professional advancement, mobility, and networking.

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The Guide is designed to provide helpful tools in your search and decision making and is completely commercial free. We commit to provide as much information as possible. Member organizations have direct links and emails to their sites, and a drop down menu for additional details to reduce browsing time.

Oratome has partnered with the agency providing an independent and unbiased rating for each listing. This rating is provided as a guide to the educational component of the establishment and no other. Details of the star rating can be found on the Canadian Association of Professional Educators website. www.capecanada.ca.

Oratome is proud to partner with numerous other agencies to provide this directory. These providers are listed in the partners page. Each category is supported by a maximum of one partner; each partner has accepted the terms of Oratome and is empowered to establish ratings up a maximum of three stars.

For inclusion in the guide, visit one of our providers or simply complete the form on our post listing section.

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